Mountain Dew - Court Vision >
Virtual Reality experience bridging art, tech, culture & sport at NBA All Star Toronto.
BuzzFeed - Welcome To The Feast >
41,000 sq ft NewFronts production featuring furry vignettes & a custom built projection mapped stage.
Fader - Toyota Prius Arcade >
Code-generated dimensional and sculptural art installations at SXSW 2016.
New Forms Residency - Specular >
An immersive Virtual Reality art exhibit activated by viewer point of view, movement and non-liner navigation.
Mountain Dew - In The Paint >
Immersive projection mapping at Art Basel Miami.
dotdotdash is a creative technology & production studio.
..- is the letter u in Morse code - a communication medium we are fascinated by because of its auditory, visual and tangible characteristics - relating to the multi-sensory experiences we create. Furthermore, the encoding / decoding model of communication relates to how we believe advertising and the storytelling landscape is evolving, engaging participants in the use and circulation of messages through participatory decoding.

Mini-computers, powerful microcontrollers, sensors, virtual and augmented reality platforms are increasingly becoming more affordable, customizable and distributed. Frameworks and libraries built for these technologies are typically open source and written in approachable, high-level languages. This fundamental democratization of technology has spawned a generation of "creative technologists," hybrid artists / coders whose role is largely experimental.

As participating members within this creative coding community, we at dotdotdash develop experiences that thrive at the interplay of physical environments and human participation. These projects range from unique brand activations to purely artistic endeavors.

We are a multidisciplinary team of media artists who research, strategize, prototype and use a pinch of technical sorcery to make the future, present.

Experience our creations for the world's most innovative brands within campaigns, events, retail channels, and entertainment parks.

We create interactive & immersive experiences,
Events & Stages
Mobile Activations
Trade Shows
Virtual & Mixed Reality Experiences

Produce Media,
Live Action Production
Compositing & VFX
Procedural Content
Motion Graphics
Generative Art

Research, Prototype &
Custom Electronic Circuits
Contemporary Architectural Production

Develop & license IP.
Ring is dotdotdash's proprietary LED control software that scales various architecture and configuration to display incredible visualizations ‐ unique patterns, stories, logos, and products.

Unlike typical LED control packages, Ring features the ability to 3D map any LED configuration into a virtual scene. This allows for:

‐ Unique volumetric effects
‐ Physical simulations
‐ Seamless generative content
‐ 2D image and video mapping
‐ Skeletal Tracking

Ring is integrated into the holiday programming of the largest theme park in the world this 2015 holiday season.


We've created cool stuff for...
Adidas / Advantage International / Anderson3 / Campvs Entertainment / Classic Wines Auction, Inc. / Complex Media / Diageo / ESPN / Eyrst / Horizon Marketing Group / Interface Media Group / Johnson & Johnson / Lightning In A Bottle / Mountain Dew / Music Fest Northwest / Nike / Oak Island Creative / Portland Winter Light Festival / S4 Lights / Sage Restaurant Group / Seven Lions / Six Flags Entertainment Corp / Sol Republic / Splash Worldwide / The Atlantic / Zimmer Gunsel Frasca Architects

Current / confidential work is available for private viewing.

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1526 SE Elliot Ave.
Portland, OR 97214


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