Samsung + UA
This Urban Triathlon was designed to push a select group of athletes to their limits as they persevere through a unique set of challenges all in the name of Firsts. We tracked their fitness data throughout the experience using the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro smart watches. With this data we were able to give extensive recovery feedback to athletes and display all of their data points back in post production.

Our talent sourcing team brought in Colin O’Brady to host the series of events. Colin holds the speed record for Seven Summits (climbing the highest mountains of the 6 continents including Everest and Kilimanjaro) and knows a thing or two about being the first person to do something. 

The Urban Triathalon experience in Portland OR began as a campout near Oregon City at the Willamette Falls. Athletes were put in kayaks and they paddled 14 miles to downtown Portland where they dropped their boats and started running. They continued through downtown Portland on a 5 mile run uphill to Forest Park where they hopped on bikes. The bike trail took them 12 miles deep into the forest where the finish line was waiting for them. At the end of the experience the athletes were treated to an expirimental meal by famed Chef Gregory Gourdet.

After a long day of mental and physical exhaustion the atheletes were taken to the Under Armour Performance Lab to debrief and recover. 

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