Mountain DewCourt Vision

Mountain Dew, Google, HTC, and Complex Media called on dotdotdash to create an experience at NBA All Star Toronto to celebrate the intersection of basketball, cutting-edge technology, art, and culture leveraging the consumer version of Vive and Tilt Brush prior to either being publicly available.

We developed custom software to enhance Tilt Brush in an event setting – a registration, management, takeaway, and overlay system complete with branded motion graphics.

Leading up to the event, we commissioned Tilt Brush works from a mix of graffiti artists, sculptors, and painters. Using a custom VR rig we devised, our team captured cinematic movements of curated works. The resulting media lived within gallery-like displays guests could explore through touch prior to jumping into one of four custom designed and fabricated VR stations.

An elevated center stage and jumbotron featured artists and basketball stars, such as Russell Westbrook, as well as commissioned artists who painted in VR throughout the 3 day event in Toronto, Ontario.

Ideation, Creative Direction, Branding, Technology Consulting, Campaign Integration Strategy
Live Event Production
Toronto, ON