BuzzFeedWelcome to the Feast

BuzzFeed challenged dotdotdash to conceptualize and produce a unique experience for guests at their 2016 NewFronts event.

Taking place within the 41,000 sq. ft. Moynihan Station Skylight venue, Welcome to the Feast gave 1,000 brand representatives the chance to see how BuzzFeed creates news and entertainment for their audience.

By creating an event space with a purposeful flow, we showed guests how BuzzFeed is able to feed hearts, minds, and businesses.

Playful vignettes, including a kitten with laser vision, introduced BuzzFeed’s most successful video content over the past year.

The actual presentation took place on a custom built stage spanning 80', and included 3 main projection screens, and 25 individually mapped orbs.

Live Event Production
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New York, NY