HTC VIVEExoplanet + D3-U

In coordination with HTC VIVE’s announcement of the VIVE Tracker accessory at CES 2017, dotdotdash unveiled the first-ever virtual reality camera.

D3-U is an advanced image capture device that features a holographic viewfinder, physical controls at the user’s fingertips, and a lightweight, balanced body beautifully finished in matte black. D3-U leverages the new VIVE Tracker, which enables new form factors for VR accessories.

To showcase the D3-U, dotdotdash developed an adventurous VR experience, Exoplanet, which is narrated by Mary Mac, also the voice of General Motors’ navigation system On Star. Exoplanet takes participants on a mission to investigate the mysterious life form Arche on the extrasolar planet Kepler 22-b.

Arche is a mind-bending creature that is visually influenced by audio waves. Participants examine Arche through full-spectrum, x-ray, subatomic, and thermal D3-U camera filters. Razor-sharp printed snapshots are produced in real time as a physical takeaway from the experience, captured by the VR camera.

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